Akadama and Kanuma

I import Akadama and Kanuma directly from Japan for sale to both wholesale and retail customers.
I have stock of all 4 different sizes Hard Akadama and Kanuma for sale in Sydney, and I can supply directly from my home here in Kings Langley or I can have delivered to most areas at cost effective prices

I can ship Akadama, Kanuma and Pumice to you in bulk for those purchasing larger amounts (more than 25 bags gives you wholesale pricing), or I can pack 2 bags into a single box for delivery to you via Sendle usually the next day anywhere in Australia
typical costs for delivery to major cities and suburban areas in Australia are $35 (for a box with 2 bags). (100L x 25 Kg)

Costs for a single 14L (10KG) Bag of Akadama is $32.
Costs for a single 17L (5KG) Bag of Kanuma is $32.
Costs for a single 14L (12KG) Bag of NZ Pumice (1-7mm) is $28.
Costs for a single 14L (12KG) Bag of Victorian Scoria (3-5mm) is $20.
Please contact me directly for Wholesale pricing and bulk delivery costs

I also have available ready made 14L bags of "Kens Mix" for $40,
Kens Mix is 40% Akadama, 40% Pumice and 20% Zeolite. I have used this mix for all of my own Bonsai (except Azaleas) for more than 5 years and will not use anything else for my trees.
I pot up all of my Azaleas into 100% Kanuma

Please call or email me for availability, but I usually can supply most orders from stock on hand.
Mobile : 0414983880
Mail : sales@akadama.com.au

Photos of Akadama and Kanuma on my gallery here